AYG Group Commitment to GDPR Compliance and Continuous Improvement

As a business, AYG Group is dedicated to continuous improvement, upholding appropriate standards, and providing a high level of service to candidates and clients.

Candidate (Job Seeker) Information: We store candidate information to assist individuals in finding new job opportunities. This information is used to match them with suitable roles or employers. Upon identifying a good match, we may share this information with potential employers and occasionally with third-party suppliers such as payroll or umbrella companies.

Client Data Handling: For clients, we store both professional and, occasionally, personal data to ensure precise employee matches. While GDPR treats professional data differently, we treat all information with the utmost care. Before sharing any information, we ensure that individuals are aware of who their personal information is being shared with and why.

Transparency and GDPR Rights: We adhere to GDPR stipulations, ensuring transparency in data sharing. Individuals have the right to know how their personal data is stored and used. For inquiries about personal data, individuals can contact [email protected].

GDPR Compliance and Guidance: AYG Group has collaborated with REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) to assess the impact of GDPR on the recruitment industry. We follow GDPR guidance from and are accountable to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Communication and Awareness: Training on GDPR and related policies is part of the induction process. Regular updates and communication ensure continuous awareness.